the gem center was recorded in the summer of 2013 using a tape recorder with speed-of-playback controls. audio was recorded in blips. throat singing, crowds at coney island, laughter, and the text, which changes speed here and there.

i find that writing and recording give me permission to reveal invisible things that are inside of me. my thoughts are like mud, and when i write they are like clay, and can be molded into more coherent shapes.

i am grateful for the opportunity to share this recording with you. thank you to Surge for publishing this small piece.

Below i leave you with original notes that fueled the recording. Thank you for reading. If you have any responses to the writing or the sound piece, please email me at
the gem center notes, 2013
the gem center is an unbreakable force. when i meet a stranger i can understand my feelings before the stranger speaks. you can know someone without speaking. you can know a lover by the way kissing feels. you can know something wrong is happening when a certain darkness follows a stranger into an elevator and the door closes. you alone with the stranger in the elevator, and something is not right. no words were said but something is not right.

i think we are silly, as a culture, to rule out reincarnation as a beautiful possibility. we say it is archaic and that it cannot be proved. it is a display of ignorance to rule out any possibilities beyond the point of dying. be open. be open to sophisticating your views of what happens in death.

the gem center is with us before birth and after death. the sex drive does not come from your free will, it is present before you can choose it. puberty turns you on and you get turned on. we sometimes speak of sexual attraction as different than other attractions, but this is an invisible distinction. all attraction is the pull together. any two pelvises touching will result in something extreme, be it attraction, repulsion or otherwise.

there is a simple form of magic that anyone can do. a magic spell. you do not believe in magic? then try this spell. if you are a man, put on lady’s clothing. now walk outside. the feelings that you have- this is attraction. you attract a great amount of energy and feel it as embarrassment, or something else, something very new. what will you do with your new power?

without any training you will waste it. without any understanding of how to hold a feeling like a delicate egg, or a baby you will surely waste it.

how can you tune your gem center? spend more time in the dark. go for a walk and listen to the wind at night. when you are embarrassed, take notes. have you ever been walked in on? what was that like?

ariel abrahams

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