1. The Space Between
    music, Michael Zigismund

2. No Matter What Remains
    words, David Tuchman
    music, The Wandering Cellist

3. The Hypnosis Series I: Dawn
    words, Agnes Bannigan
    music, Paul Passaro

4. Letters I: To the Mother of Norberto Renteria
5. Letters II: To the Person Who Took My Son
    script, Daniel Howard
    direction, Sarah Law
    music, Jeff Tobias
    performances, Lisa Robins and Keenan M. Scott II

6. The Gem Center
    Ariel Julian Dionysus Yes Abrahams

7. A Nick or Diana Xmas
    words, Diana Hill and Nick Zimmerman
    music, Diana Hill

8. Make Me Smile
    words, William Nava
    music, John Passaro and Daniel Howard [feat. Sara O’Bryan and Alex Ryaboy]

9. The Hypnosis Series II: Dream
    Bannigan, Passaro

10. Letters III: To Eliana
11. Letters IV: To the Stranger
    Howard, Law, Tobias, Robins, Scott

12. Intermission
    words, Natalia Gabuaeva and William Nava [feat. Irina Gabuaeva]
    music, Rob C!

13. Leave the Stove Light On
    words, Darina Sikmashvili
    music, Diana Hill [feat. Adam Wayne]

14. The Gift
    Daniel Howard

15. The Hypnosis Series III: Breakfast
    Bannigan, Passaro

16. Letters V: To You
17. Letters VI
    Howard, Law, Tobias, Robins, Scott

18. Flow
    John Passaro

19. Tarpon
    words, Megan McGrath
    music, Rob C!

20. Coda
    guitar, Michael Zigismund
    piano, John Passaro
    cello, The Wandering Cellist

Album Art by Helen Marder
Cover Photo by Eric Balgley
Surge Logo by Maya Azbel

Produced by William Nava and John Passaro