It is with tremendous pride and giddiness that we announce the June 15 release of SURGE: Wordsongs & Soundtexts! The collaborative album of audiodrama will feature the work of over a dozen writers, dramatists, musicians, and audio artists.

Some of you reading may be familiar with SURGE‘s earlier iteration as a biweekly podcast. This podcast how now been discontinued – five of the six tracks which it featured are available now, and all six will appear on the final album. The album will also feature an assortment of new material which never appeared on the podcast.

Over the coming two months we will post periodic sneak peeks – in the form of behind-the-scenes updates, posts from the artists on their own work, and highlights of some of the available tracks. As June 15th approaches, we might even unveil bits of new material ahead of the full release.

So check out the available tracks on the Album page and make sure to come back for updates in the coming weeks.

We’ll update you in just a few with the story SURGE‘s initial conception as an album between three friends; its troubled life as a biweekly podcast; and its transformation back into an album, this time by a whole community of artists.

Until then happy listening!

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